Viewing Artist Information

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Look or scroll down to the Artists section.
  3. Click the artist you want to view information for.

  1. On the artist slider, you can:
    1. View average ticket counts and gross profits provided by Pollstar.
    2. Click the artist's URL to go to their website. (Not all artists have a URL.)
    3. Click Show Artist Insights to view social media metrics, or click Hide Artist Insights to hide them.
    4. Click My Events, then Upcoming to view all the upcoming events your account has scheduled for this artist, organized by calendar. While viewing this list, you can click the copy icon next to a calendar name to copy that calendar's list of upcoming events to your clipboard.

    1. Click Past Events under My Events to view all confirmed events in the past on all of your calendars. This list will also display the tickets sold and gross ticket sales from the events' post show reports.
      For more information about post show reports, please see the full article.

    1. Click Other Events to see upcoming or past events at other locations.

  1. Click the close icon to close the artist slider.

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