Using the Activity Log

PromoterOps logs whenever a user:

  • Adds an event.
  • Renames an event.
  • Adds a date to an event.
  • Moves a date.
  • Updates the status of a date.
  • Updates the description of an event.
  • Toggles the Offer Sent state of an event.
  • Toggles the Challenge state of a hold.

PromoterOps does not currently log additions, edits, or deletions of notes or blackouts.

To view the logs, click Activity Log.

The entries in the list will tell you:

  • The date the action was performed.
  • The time the action was performed.
  • The venue in which the event is booked.
  • The name of the affected event.
  • The affected event date(s).
  • The action that was logged.
  • A more thorough description of the action.
  • The name of the user who performed the action.

Click to enlarge.

Click a log entry to open the activity details. The activity details will tell you the same information as its entry in the list but will also include:

  • A link to the event's details page.
  • The full description of the action. This comes in handy if the description is too long for the log list.
  1. Click the filter icon.
  1. You can filter the activity log by:
    1. Any combination of calendars.
    2. The date range of the logged activities.
    3. Events within a set date range.
    4. The type of logged actions.
    5. The user that performed the actions.
  2. Click Apply.

The quickest way to remove filters from the activity log is to reload the page. You can do this quickly by either:

  • Pressing Ctrl + R on Windows or Cmd + R on a Mac.
  • Clicking the reload icon for your browser. It should look similar to this:

To view only the logs for a particular event:

  1. Go to the event's details page.
  2. Click the menu icon.
  3. Click Show Activity Log.
  1. Each log will tell you:
    • The action that was performed.
    • The user that performed the action.
    • When the action was performed.

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